Advisor Glossary

Below is a glossary for all terms within Advisor:

Term Definition
Ad Load Percentage of the Audio that is Ads.
Ads Duration Mean Average length of ads
Ads Episodes Sampled Number of episodes Podsights has reviewed
Ads Per Episode Mean Average number of ads per episode
Ads Per Episode Median Median number of ads per episode
Ads Sampled Number of ads
Affinity The brand affinity score shows how strong a podcast-brand fit is given the podcasts genre, audience and conversion data.
Average Episode Length The average episode length of the Podcast.
Average Monthly Impressions Total number of impressions in an average month, regardless if it's a new episode or something in the back catalog.
Average Monthly Reach Total monthly Podsights Reach in an average month.
Average Weekly Impressions Number of impressions seen per week for the podcast.
Average Weekly Reach Average Podsights reach seen per week.
Cadence The cadence of show drops (weekly/ongoing)
Content Maturity Rates the podcast transcripts according to content maturity standards inspired by historical MPAA and TV Parental Guidelines on a scale of 0 to 2, where 0 represents the most audience friendly content and 2 represents adult content
Data Quality Score Score given based on the number of unique IPs found in a podcast feed. More unique IPs = higher score.
Feed Growth Month over month growth of downloads for a podcast
First Published First publish date of the podcast
First Run Impressions The number of impressions delivered within the first 30 days of an episode drop.
New Reach Amount of new listeners that could be reached with the podcast.
Podcast Defined Tags Podcast Tags from Apple
Publisher Network or show that publishes podcasts.
Urban Classification Factors in the density of a city and gives a score based on population vs area
Index % of share of show listeners in the market header, while the percentile i