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Advisor: Hidden Gems In Advertising

Podsights UPs: Advisor

If you’ve visited the Podsights website over the past few days you may have noticed Research is gone and Advisor is here—Go start spreading the word! The advisor is Podsights’ latest tool designed to help Advertisers uncover the hidden gems in podcast advertising.

We’ve heard time and time again from advertisers who are new to the podcast space ask the question “what shows should I buy?” and Advisor will help answer just that! Using a brand’s pixel data, we compare it to podcast feed data and provide advertisers with a number between 0-100. 

This number is what we’re calling “Affinity Score” and it is aimed to act as a guiding metric for advertisers using Advisor to determine the similarity between their brand visitors and the podcast show listeners.

We are excited to show you the power of Advisor— talk to us: sales@podsights.com

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