Advisor: Hidden Gems In Advertising

Advisor is designed to help Advertisers uncover the hidden gems in podcast advertising. Launched in 2021,  this free tool helps brands discover 700+ podcasts with audiences that match either their industry or their past website visitors.

Advisor has curated podcast insights for advertisers: 

  • To help scale and validate their podcast advertising
  • To identify relevant podcast shows for brands using a metric called Affinity Score
  • To view estimated New Reach number for each podcast to inform the audience overlap between their brands visitors and the podcast listeners. 

What is our Affinity Score? 

  • brand-specific score between 0-100 that is assigned to each podcast show* within Podsights 
  • Using machine learning, this score is an aggregated comparison between a podcast show's listeners and the brand's pixel-data (website visitors) 

Brand data is NEVER shared between brands. The affinity scores that brands see are specifically calculated for that brand ONLY. 

*Podcast shows that meet the minimum threshold: 5,000 downloads over 30 days across 1000 households

Sort and filter in Advisor

  • Advertisers can also sort and filter their view by selecting their target audience attributes
  • Select from audience segment data (provided by two trusted third party sources), publisher/network, radio markets, audience overlap, industries and more. 

Step by step:

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