Baseline Tracking URL Implementation Strategies

This article is for Publishers, or Podsights users who are looking to run a concurrent baseline audience. This is a specific strategy that would be requested by an Advertiser, related to Podsights' Incremental Lift Reports. 

The below is more specific trafficking recommendations for Ad Ops teams to execute the baseline groups listed out in Podsights' Lift methodology. This applies to dynamic ads

1. Podcast General Population Baseline: Podsights will compare expose v unexposed using our general podcast listener population. This is the most common execution. 

  • How do I activate? No action by Advertiser or Publisher. Simply request a Lift Report, and Podsights will use our existing, ever-growing general population conversion rates against the website you've got a pixel installed on. 
  • Is there a cost? There is no cost for any existing Podsights customers. Request away!

2.  Publisher Baseline: Podcast audiences may vary per publisher or network, and some advertisers may want to understand incremental lift against each respective audience. Podsights needs a baseline of at least 250k unique households in order to complete our analysis. 

  • How do I activate? Create 1 dynamic in Podsights, and implement the URL against your baseline(s). Choose one of these executions: 
    1. To create a look-alike baseline, you should traffic the baseline URL using the exact same targeting as the line item. For example, if the advertiser's media (exposed group) is running impressions on How Stuff Works from 1/1-1/30 then you should run a baseline on How Stuff Works from 1/1-1/30.
    2. To create a look-alike baseline at the campaign level, you should traffic one baseline line item at 300k impressions. This is often the preferred method because it's a simpler execution that provides an audience baseline that mirrors the publisher's audience. 
    3. Baseline creative should be a House ad or a PSA, OR silence. We'd recommend using a .05 second of silence in the postroll position (or a house postroll if you have it). This allows the advertiser to collect their baseline audience without wasting valuable media.  
  • Is there a cost?  That's up to each publisher. 

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