1. Glossaries

Campaign Setup Sheet Glossary

Definitions of the fields in your Google Setup Sheet for any campaigns that Podsights is building out for a Brand / Agency.


Field Name

Description Field Type
Advertiser Name Brand / Advertiser Name of the company that has pixel installed ✔️Required
Campaign Type The different campaign types may have different technical requirements. Read more here. ✔️Required
Campaign Name This informs if we update an existing campaign dashboard or create a new one. The format we advise is Advertiser_Publisher_agency_year/quarter ✔️Required
Network/Publisher The Publisher or Podcast Owner. ✔️Required
Who is paying the Podsights fee? Choose one (Brand vs. Agency vs. Publisher). This determines which party will pay for the impressions tracked in Podsights. ✔️Required
Ad type

Choose one. This tells Podsights where to get the data, and tells the publisher if they must implement a pixel or not.

  • DAI (Dynamic): Dynamic ads are tracked via a tracking URL, which we have for each major ad server provider. 
  • BI (Baked-In) or Embedded: Also called embedded or evergreen, are tracked using our analytics prefix
  • Streaming: This is for any digital Audio campaigns you may have, including streaming music and online radio. 
Line Item or Podcast Name This should mirror your media plan. ✔️Required
Start Date Line item expected start date. Choose first air date if there are multiple embedded ads of the same podcast. ✔️Required
End Date

Line item expected end date.

Note: For BI/Embedded Ads, the Start date + End date will be the same. Please include all dates if there are multiple embedded ads in one podcast.

Impression/Download Goal

Line item goal - determines the % delivered metrics in the dashboard. Should reflect the contracted Impressions on Media Plan. 

Cost ($)

Should reflect the contracted Spend on Media Plan (ideally excluding any other fees, however this is up to the advertiser). 

Podsights uses this to calculate metrics such as Spend To Date, CAC, ROAS, etc. Without cost information, the advertiser will not have CPV, CPA, ROAS, or other spend-related metrics.

CPM Contracted/Goal CPM on Media Plan. Optional

The length of the ad - i.e. 15/30/45/60/etc. This is informative for you publisher and important when analyzing the results of the campaign

Roll placement

Roll Placement refers to the position of the ad:

  • Preroll - ad that serves before the podcast file begins
  • Midroll - ad that airs before the credits, in the "middle" of the episode
  • Postoll - ad that serves when the podcast file ends
Discount Code

If you have a promo code mentioned in your call to action and plan on tracking attributed purchases with Podsights, we can take promo code redemptions into account as campaign conversions.

Effective URL If you have a vanity URL that has been created exclusively for your podcast campaign Podsights will count any traffic to the Effective URL or redirect as attributed. This page would also need to be pixeled. Optional
Can the podcast or network support Podsights tracking?

Yes/No. If the show/network has let you know the show you are running on is not compatible with Podsights please do not include it in the setup sheet. Doing so will duplicate efforts for all parties involved.

Campaign Build Due Date One week prior to line item start date. [Formula]
Campaign Build Done Date Podsights will populate "build done" once campaigns are created. We will also provide notes here if the show/network is unable to be measured. [Podsights To Update]
Publisher or Sales email address Optional Optional
Action Podsights will populate if additional direction is needed. [Podsights To Update]

Please note: There are a handful of publishers that uses Podsights in a self-serve capacity, meaning they require campaign setup to be handled by themselves (rather than Podsights). Publishers include: AdvertiseCast, Slate, Spotify, SXM (Midroll/Stitcher/Pandora), and PodcastOne.

You can expect that this campaign will be built prior to launch. However if you want to ensure tracking is setup without delay, I suggest reaching out to your publisher contact prior to launch to confirm it's on their radar to setup.