Campaign States

In the below article you will find definitions of each campaign state that you will come across during the setup process.

A campaign state indicates the status of your campaign. There are five states:

  • This campaign state is in draft mode here and we are waiting for either the publisher to install the tracking URLs, or our prefix, or for the brand  to install their website pixel. Here the campaign start date has not passed and data is not yet tracking. A campaign will also remain in Pending if the start date has not passed, and the publisher has not met the Ready criteria.
  • For this state the criteria is: advertiser website pixel installed, publisher confirmed tracking URLs, or publisher has prefix installed if applicable. 
  • This campaign state means it is tracking and available for your review. LIVE means that a campaign's start date has passed and the publisher has manually set the state to LIVE. Campaign will remain as "live" until 30 days after campaign end date.

  • This campaign state means that the publisher has only set the campaign live for the agency connected to the advertiser account and not the brand. The brand will not have visibility into the campaign if you see this state. 
  • Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10-40-17 AM-png This campaign state means the campaign has finished, reached its end date, and attribution is no longer tracking. 

If you have questions or concerns about a specific campaign, please submit a ticket on the campaign in question.