1. Glossaries

Conversion Export Glossary

Podsights utilizes several terms and headings in the Conversion Export file. Here are important concepts and terms defined, so you can make the most out of the export file feature.

Line Item: Line Item name.

Attribution: Partial attribution assigned to each episode downloaded by a converted user.

Campaign ID: Unique ID for a campaign.

Ad Type: Type of ad (dynamic or embedded).

Podcast Genre: Podcast genre from Apple Podcasts.

Device Make: Make of the device used for a conversion event.

URL: The URL that the user visited for a page view event.

Device Type: Type of device used for a conversion.

Device Browser: Browser used for the conversion.

Campaign Name: Name of the campaign.

Device Os: Operating system for device.

Podcast: Name of podcast for impression.

Ad Duration: Duration of ad (in seconds).

UID: Unique ID for a household.

Impression Time: Date and time when conversion took place.

City: City where conversion took place.

Order ID: (Optional) Order ID from a purchase event.

Podcast: Name of podcast for impression.

Ad Duration: Duration of ad (in seconds).

Ad Placement : Placement of ad within podcast episode.

Action Time: Date and time when conversion took place.

Episode: Episode title.

Network: Publisher of podcast.

Alias: (Optional) alias ID sent via alias pixe.

Device Model: Device model for conversion.

Country: Country where the conversion took place.

Episode Duration: Length of episode.

Lat: Latitude where conversion took place.

Lon: Longitude where conversion took place.

Value: (Optional) Revenue value associated with a conversion.

Lead Category: (Optional) Category assigned to a lead.

Referrer Url: URL that user was on before entering the brand's website. If 'referrer' is your website, then user came in direct (not via a referral)

User Agent: User Agent for the conversion.

Action: Conversion action (purchase, lead, install, init). Init is a page view event.

Region: Region where conversion took place.

Lead Type: (Optional) Type assigned to a lead.

Discount Code: Discount code used for conversion.

Currency: Currency used for a purchase conversion.

Product Name: (Optional) product name from product pixel.

Product Vendor: (Optional) product vendor from product pixel.

Product ID: (Optional) product id from product pixel.

Product Type: (Optional) product type from product pixel.

Organization Name: Advertiser name.