1. Frequently Asked Questions

Accessing and using the Customer Portal

Check on the status of your tickets in the Customer Portal

The Customer Portal is where users should go to track the status of their submitted support tickets. 


You can access this portal in two ways. One way, would be directly in your dash. 

  • Log into your Podsights Dash > Click on the  and select 'View Tickets' 
  • From their it will ask you to sign in or 'Register Here'. You can sign up using the email associated with your Podsights account and create a password. This is a separate platform for you to sign into which is why you will have to click 'Register Here' the first time click on 'View Tickets'. 

  1. To access your Customer Portal another way...
    1. You need to go to our Help Center (you're already here!) and click "Go to Customer Portal" on the top right corner.
    2. OR, you can also access your Customer Portal by going to this link: https://help.podsights.com/tickets-view?offset=0. Feel free to bookmark this page so that you can access the Customer Portal with ease in the future.
  2. Once you arrive in the Customer Portal, you will need to register or sign in with the email associated with your Podsights account. 
    1. sign in customer portal-1
  3. After you sign in you should be able to see a list of all your submitted support tickets along with tickets submitted within your organization/company and the status of each.
    1. see tickets
  4. You can also click into each submitted ticket to see more information and the entire log of engagements regarding the ticket.
    1. ticket view-1

What each Status means: 

  • Open - The ticket is currently open and the Podsights Platform Success team is on it!
  • Closed - The request/issue has been resolved and the ticket is now closed. 


Forgot how to submit a ticket? Learn how to submit a support ticket here.