1. About Podsights

Data & Privacy

Please access our full privacy policy here.

Data sharing 

Since Podsights has the data, we can share it to specified parties when explicitly requested. All data sharing is on a per campaign basis, so be sure to request access for each campaign. 

  1. An Advertiser may grant their publisher's access to dashboard conversion data via a written approval.
  2. A Publisher may grant an advertiser access to their raw download data with written approval. The approval would have to come from the Podsights contract holder, or someone at the same level.
Many publisher policies state that user data is not used for advertising purposes. That means that publishers may only provide download or user data in extenuating circumstances. 

Data Storage 

Campaign data will remain in the podsights dashboard forever. All data processing ends 30 days after the campaign is complete. 

IP addresses are stored for 5 years or until no longer materially useful.