For Brands & Agencies*: Navigate the Podsights Dashboard

Knowing your way around the dashboard makes it easier for you to manage and measure your campaigns.

If you're a Publisher, check out this article. 

Podsights products and features are housed under categorical tabs along the left rail.  Here's an overview!

  • Home: Command center where all campaigns are displayed
  • Discover 
    • Advisor: This free podcast discovery tool helps you find podcasts with audiences that match your industry.  Read more on Advisor here
      • Note: Brands must have an active pixel to access this tool
  • Plan: Media Plans (coming soon!) 
  • Measure: 
    • Campaigns: View all campaigns here
    • Insights: Gain a more granular, analytical view of the performance of your campaigns
    • Lift Reports: Access existing lift reports and request new ones
  • Reports: View existing reports and create new CSV reports.
  • Manage: A tab for all administrative functions such as pixel access, adding/removing brand members, billing, and much more! 

*If you're an agency:

  • Home: Command center where you will see a list of all the brands you are managing in Podsights. In order to conduct your analysis, you must click into each brand dash separately.
  • Plan: Media Plans (coming soon!) 
  • Measure:
    • Campaigns: View campaigns live to the agency team here
  • Reports: Please head back to the Home tab and click into your clients dash in order to pull their reports.
  • Manage: A tab for all administrative functions such as billing, adding/removing agency members, and inviting brands to Podsights.