How to add and remove account Members

A member is someone who can access the Podsights dashboard you are currently using. 

Members of an account have two basic permission roles:

  • Member: users who can view the dashboard, but cannot add other members. 
    • Admin: users who can add other members and access all parts of the dashboard. 

    To add a Member:

    1. Invite members to your account by navigating to Manage > Your Members > Invite Member and input details.  A user's name and email address are required.
    2. The user will receive an invite to join via the email address you entered. 

    NOTE: You don't have to add members one-by-one

    • You can add your company email domain into your account to allow anyone with the domain to automatically have access to your dashboard without being invited.  Navigate to Manage > Your Members > Add Email Domain.