1. Exports & Reporting

How do I export my data?

Podsights offers four export types for Brands:

  • Overview - an exported version of your Home dashboard, which includes line item-level media delivery, spend, and attribution data over time. It includes the option to view both unmodeled and modeled data.
  • Conversions - attribution and conversion data based on an anonymized user id (UID), which includes media delivery, device, location, action times, and any available lead, purchase event values. 
  • Campaign entrances - See who reached your site, when and how they arrived, and their approximate location. 
  • Campaign placements - An overview of all active placements for the campaign

Visit our Exports help section to learn more.

There are two ways to export your data in the dash: 

Step-by-Step for a Campaign Overview

  1. Navigate to Measure > Export> Choose export type  
  2. Select date range
  3. Download CSV


Step-by-Step for a Campaign Level Report

  1. Navigate to Measure > Campaigns > Select your desired campaign.
  2. Click on the three dots > export
  3. Select your export type > Download CSV