1. Getting Started

For Publishers: How do I install an RSS prefix?

Analytics Prefix

The RSS Analytics Prefix sits directly in front of the episode’s MP3 URL. Every time a Podcast player streams or downloads an episode, Podsights logs the request for processing. Every major hosting provider has support for analytics prefixes.

The fastest way to get Podsights added to your feed is to email your hosting provider the following:

To: support@your-hosting-provider.com 
Subject: Analytics Prefix

Hi Support,
I need to add an Analytics Prefix to my podcast. The URL Prefix is

Thanks, ____

The hosting provider will then take care of adding it for you.


Podsights is able to collect download statistics by inserting a transparent redirect to each podcast episode in your rss feed.

Podcast listeners will never see a difference, and your podcast will continue to be served from your podcast host. Episodes will stream and download without any noticeable delay.

Our redirect is backed by a globally distributed cloud infrastructure offering better than 99.9% uptime and response times below 5ms.