About Lift Reports

Lift Reports measure the increase in conversions from podcast advertising vs. doing nothing at all. We use a control group of podcast listeners that haven't been exposed to your podcast ads. Lift is only available in the US, CA, and Mexico


Applies to: all users

Request a Lift Report

Request a Lift Report directly in your dashboard once your campaign has received 250k impressions and has been live for 1 month. When you request a report, a Platform Success Engineer will create your report within 3 business days. The requester will receive an email notification letting them know when the report is ready. 

How it Works

Control Groups

Podsights has three different ways of creating Control Groups.
  • Podcast Baselines: When you set up a campaign, you can now mark a line item or episode as a baseline. Podsights will use these impressions as the control group.
  • Publisher Control Group: Podsights will use a sampled group of impressions from the publisher’s network as long as they use Podsights RSS prefix.
  • Household Control Group: Podsights will use a sample group of impressions from our household graph.
Unless the baselines are handpicked, Podsights will create multiple versions of the baseline and average them together to avoid bias in the control groups.

Exposed Groups

Much simpler, just the impressions where your ad appeared.

The Report

Podsights does Incremental Lift slightly different than the majority of providers in the space. We aren’t looking for just one number; we are looking for a return to the baseline. For a given set of Control Group impressions, the odds that a household visited after day one or after day ten should be about the same. These households were not exposed to a podcast ad, and the site traffic is consistent week over week. For the exposed group, we should see a natural decay in the effectiveness of the advertisement. If I’m exposed on day 0, the odds of me converting goes down over time. The result looks like so:

Podsights Lift Example
You can see a clear bump in the early weeks that declines over time. Lift is the area above the baseline average. Sometime the effects can last weeks, sometimes days depending on the show, format, etc.