Lift Reports

Available in the US, Canada, Australian, and Mexico.

Conversion lift shows the % change between website visitors who were not exposed vs. exposed to an advertiser's audio ad. It identifies how often podcast listeners visit a website on their own (unexposed), and compares that to how often podcast listeners visit a website after being exposed to the ad (exposed). The % change of unexposed and exposed groups represents the percent of visitors that occurred as a direct result of the selected ad campaign(s) and time frame.

  1. Control Group (default): unless otherwise noted, the control group is a Podcast 'General Population", which is comprised of the Podsights household graph of podcast listeners (which is 2B+ per month). 

  1. Exposed Group: users who were served an impression where the ad was present.

Requirements: To technically qualify for a lift report, a campaign must have at least 250k unique households.  Conversion Lift Reports are available where we have household graphs, in the US, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and Japan. 

Request a Lift Report

  1. Request a Lift Report directly in your dashboard by navigating to Measure > Lift Reports > New Report > select campaign(s) and lift report date range 
  2. Wait 3 business days to allow us time to create and QA the results. When the report is ready, you will get an email notification.
  3. View your report in the Lift Report section, download a csv, and/or take a screenshot.  

Podsights Lift Example

In this example, Lift is the area above the baseline average.  The graph shows the exposed group and their conversion activity relative to their time of exposure to the ad.  This data shows an incline in the early weeks and a gradual decline over time.  Sometime the effects can last weeks or sometimes days depending on the show, format, etc..