1. Frequently Asked Questions

How does Podsights collect data?

Podsights hooks into the ads being delivered by a publisher by using a tracking URL at the ad serving level or our analytics prefix on the RSS feed level. When a listener downloads an episode and is served an ad, Podsights captures IP, User Agent, and other data pertinent to the download.

Podsights’ on-site pixel is a piece of JavaScript code that is installed on the brand’s site. Podsights also supports image pixels and mobile app pixels. Instructions for installation can be found here. Whenever a user visits the brand’s website, we set a cookie and capture information like IP, User Agent and event actions such as add to cart, purchase, and lead. A 1st party cookie is placed by Podsights when the pixel is installed. The pixel measures basic on site events for the purpose of podcast attribution. The cookie name is __pdst.