How is lift calculated?

  • Incremental lift reports measure the effectiveness of your podcast campaign vs. doing nothing at all
  • We create a randomized control group (the baseline) from a sample of podcast listeners who were not exposed to any of the advertiser’s ads running on Podsights and establish their baseline interaction with the advertiser’s website (week over week average number of views, purchases, leads, or installs)
  • The graph shows the exposed group (households who were exposed to the ads in this campaign) and their conversion activity relative to their time of exposure to the ad. The households are in cohorts by week (week 0 = household converted within 0-7 days of downloading the ad, week 1 = household converted within 8-14 days of downloading the ad, etc.) 
  • Gain = Exposed - Control
  • Lift = (Exposed Visits - Baseline Visits)/Baseline Visits