How long does it take to set up a campaign and what do I get?

Podsights is the ideal solution for measuring on-site activity as a result of podcast advertising. We need about 1-2 weeks of lead time to supply a pixel for the brand, ensure we are receiving data from it, and generate and install tracking URLs for the publisher.

The brand will receive access to a real-time dashboard as soon as the campaign is ready to go live. 
  • Media delivery data (impressions, reach, frequency, spend) is LIVE.
  • Attribution data (visitors, purchases, leads, conversion rate, CPV, revenue) does not include TODAY. In other words, attribution runs when the day is complete.  Make sure to always choose the most recent full day in your date range. 
    • For example, if today is 11/2/21, I understand that the attribution data reflects the campaign start date to 11/1/21. If I pull an export, my date range should be campaign start to 11/1/21.