1. Getting Started

How to add a new podcast to your Publisher account

Before you start, make sure that you have the podcasts RSS feed or iTunes URL, and ensure that the podcast has installed our RSS prefix 

  1. Navigate to Manage > Your Podcasts > Add Podcast 
  2. Enter either the iTunes URL of RSS Feed URL and click Add Podcast
  3. Verify email and confirm that you own the podcast. 
    1. Reach out to Podsights Support if you're unable to verify. 
  4. Navigate back to Your Podcasts to confirm the show was added and is showing impressions 
  5. Now you can add the podcast to your embedded ads!

If you get this message, then your podcast either has no episodes yet, or it does not have our Analytics Prefix installed.  If your podcast has no episodes, there are no further actions needed. We'll automatically start measuring once it does.