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How to add embedded ads to your campaign

If you'd like to select multiple episodes of the same show, you should do so all at once. 

  1. Navigate to the Campaign Overview and select Edit Ads.  Under Embedded Ads, select Podcast > EDIT
  2. Bulk add your drop dates.
    1. Select Past Episodes if you need to retroactively add episodes. If you are doing this, you will need to submit a ticket to success on that page that you edited the line item on. This way our team can re-run the missed data on the backend for you. 
    2. Select Upcoming Episodes to schedule drop dates. 
    3. If an upcoming episode is not present, select NEW EPISODE > choose date > SAVE > select the + to add an upcoming episode to Added Episodes > SAVE 
  3. That's it! Note that your episode count now reflects the count of all your planned drop dates.