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Marketing Campaigns

Podcast-to-Podcast attribution

Applies to: Publishers

Podsights' Marketing campaigns product will be sunset on 9/1/22. Please reach out to sales@podsights.com if you'd like to continue running Marketing campaigns.

If you're looking to see how many downloads your marketing efforts are driving for a podcast, we can help. Podsights Marketing Campaigns measure podcast to podcast attribution. 

How it works: 

The Podsights prefix tracks every time a Podcast player streams or downloads an episode. A campaign can be built to 'target' your podcast, which is where attribution occurs. Podsights attributes downloads to the campaign if a user downloads or streams an episode where the your ad was present, then subsequently downloads 1 or more episodes of the target podcast. 

How to activate:

  1. Install Podsights' RSS prefix by following our instructions here. You should ensure you do so at least two weeks before you plan to run a campaign so that Podsights has enough time to add the podcast into the system. 
  2. Claim your podcast. Podsights may ask the podcast owner to 'claim' the podcast before we allow campaigns to be built. If this is a required step, you'll receive an automated email from hello@podsights.com asking you to do so. 
  3. Claim you podcast account and a "brand" so that when creating the campaign, your account will be searchable as an 'advertiser'. 
  4. Marketing campaigns are technically different than a standard attribution campaign, so, if you're building the campaign, make sure you follow the steps on how to build a marketing campaign in Podsights.  
  1. Confirm the podcast we'll be measuring has installed our RSS Prefix
  2. Confirm the brand is created
  3. Head to your dash and click on the Campaigns tab > Create Campaign.
  4. For Campaign Type make sure to select Marketing Campaign (Target Another Podcast).
  5. For Brand Details, type in the title of your publisher account, and your claimed publisher brand should pop up. Select it. 

6. Set up the campaign with all requested media details. For intel on this please check out our article on campaign setup