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  2. Get Ready to Launch

How to request a Campaign Build

Ready to run a campaign? Follow these steps. 

  1. Reach out to success@podsights.com for a Campaign Build GSheet if you don't already have one. Note that this is a temporary tool.  
  2. Please input the media plan details exactly as you wish to see it in your dashboard at least 2 weeks prior to campaign launch. Best practice is to use one row per media plan line item. Nest multiple embedded ads drop dates in a single row in the 'end date' column. 
  3. In your Campaign Build GSheet, comment and tag @Success@podsights.com when all required fields for your campaign have been entered. 

That's it! 

Next steps and important information

  • After you submit your media plan, Podsights will build your campaign(s) within 1 business week. 
    • When the campaign is built, you will both see it in your dashboard, and you will see column T (Campaign Build Status) as "build done" in your setup sheet. If "pending" is selected, there may be an issue with you build, so check the comments! 
  • Podsights sends an automatic notification email to each publisher when your campaign is created. The publisher is required to confirm two things 1) that the media plan is accurate and 2) that they have implemented the Podsights tracking urls. Publishers need at least 1 business week to implement the URLs. 
  • Use the Gsheet Filters to help you! We made three that cover the main use cases. 
  • Campaign build requests must be input with all required details at least 2 weeks prior to launch. Anything outside that window cannot be guaranteed to launch on time.

How to fill out the Campaign Build GSheet 

please note this is a temporary requirement