1. Frequently Asked Questions

How to submit a support ticket

Even though Podsights is a self-serve platform, we have a team of platform experts who are here to help if you get stuck. This article will show you how to submit, track, and resolve your issues in your Podsights account.

Apples to: all users

Submit a request in the Podsights Dashboard anytime at dash.podsights.com by clicking on the question mark in the upper right-hand corner > click Submit a Ticket > fill out form and submit. You can also click on the 'support' button in the lower left corner of the dash to fill out the same form. 

Submit a request via the Help Center anytime at help.podsights.com if you don't see an article on the topic, or need additional information.


Manage your requests in the customer portal. Here, you may view any of your requests, or requests within your organization. You may need to create a new customer portal login. You can access this portal by clicking on the question mark as well > click on 'View Tickets.'