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Podsights Methodology FAQs

Frequently asked questions and answers about Podsights methodology

What's your attribution window for downloads/impressions?

  • The default attribution window is set to 30 days in the Podsights dashboard. Our window is based on the data we’ve accumulated from running many campaigns. The vast majority of our campaigns use our default window. Occasionally a brand will feel strongly that their specific case is better served by a custom attribution window, in which case we can accommodate.

What's your on-site attribution window?

  • The default on-site window is set to 30 days which begins after the user's first site visit.  This means we can track conversion actions after the impression attribution window has ended, as long as the first visit occurred within that initial window.

What's your match rate?

  • The answer is not 100%, and we cannot give an exact %. There is inherently too much noise in just using User Agent and IP, which is why Podsights uses a digital identity graph to model your conversion rate and events. We treat any action at a household to be attributable to the podcast.

Does Podsights work outside of the US?

  • Yes. The attribution methodology is the same in the US and EU. The difference between the two is the identification of households. The proxy for IP and User Agent in the EU are location database graphs and device connection types. Location database graphs are via MaxMind and Google Location Database.
  • Podsights identifies households via a connection type (residential, commercial, cellular) and count of devices active at the IP (based on user agents) to perform attribution. Together, the subprocessor data gives us enough information to identify households, therefore allowing us to perform attribution.
  • Lift Reports are available in the US, CA, and Mexico.

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