New Podsights Account Creation

Everything you need to know to get your account technically ready to support Podsights measurement. These 5 steps will take no more than 5 minutes.

1. Signup or Login

  1. Navigate to OR click the Sign Up button if you were invited via email

  2. Enter the required details plus your email address and select Create Your Free Account

  3. Verify your email address via the email confirmation we sent to your inbox and that's it! 
  4. Already have an account? Sign in by simply using your email address.  Podsights does not use passwords.

2. Invite members

  1. Invite members to your account by navigating to Manage > Your Members > Invite Member and input details.  A user's name and email address are required.
  2. The user will receive an invite to join via the email address you entered. 

NOTE: You don't have to add members one-by-one.

  • You can add your company email domain into your account to allow anyone with the domain to automatically have access to your dashboard without being invited.  Navigate to Manage > Your Members > Add Email Domain.
    • For example, if "" is the email domain assigned to your account, anyone with an "" email address can login to Podsights and automatically become a member of your dashboard.

3. Claim Brand 

Applies to: Brands 

As a new brand with Podsights, we know you want to get your brand ready for campaigns as quickly as possible. Before a brand can be added to a campaign, the brand must first be claimed by a brand representative (not agency).

After your account as been created, you'll log into Podsights and see the following in your dashboard home page:

While your brand account (organization) exists in Podsights, your brand does not. You'll want to get your brand configured to get your campaign(s) moving.

If you're starting off with Podsights by running a Reporting Campaign only, there's no need for a pixel to be generated straight away (you can come back and generate/implement a pixel ~2 weeks prior to starting an Attribution Campaign). If you're running a Reporting campaign only, you'll simply want to complete step 1: "Configure Brand".

Note: Once you have configured the brand, you cannot change the brand name or industry. 

Not sure if your brand claim went through?

You can always check the status of your brand claim. To do this, you'll go to "Manage" in your dashboard, then select "Your Brands". If the claim has been approved, it will appear in "Your Brands". If we are still processing it, it will appear in "Pending"

4. Agency management 

  1. As a brand, if you need to provide an agency access to your account, navigate to Manage > Agencies > Add Agency
  2. Search for your agency and select the correct one
  3. To remove an agency, navigate to Manage > Agencies > Remove (next to agency name). 

5. Your account is ready! Next up: generate and implement the website pixel