For Brands: Campaign Launch Checklist

The dashboard makes it easy to get started with Podsights. Here's a checklist just in case!

Install your Pixel

Implement Podsights’ javascript pixel on your website using our pixel guide.  

  • Define your primary and secondary KPIs
  • Access pixel under Manage > Your Pixels and copy the script to send to your developer
  • Confirm installation using the debugger under Manage > Your Pixels > Pixel ID > Debugger
    • To install with a Third-Party Tag Manager, see documentation here
  • Engage with Platform Success if you need assistance!

Get Ready to Launch 

Move your campaigns from Pending to Ready by following these steps.

  • Allow your publishers 3-5 business days to build your campaign. They’re making sure your inventory is secured, creative is ready, and everything else needed for launch.
  • Ensure all campaigns are in the READY state three days before launch.  If any campaigns are in PENDING, remind your publishers to complete the steps on their end to confirm that you are ready for launch. 


Uncover insights and analyze the effectiveness of your campaign using your Live Dashboard, Insights, and Reports. 

  • Allow 1-3 business days before you check out your dashboard.