1. Glossaries

Podsights Dashboard Glossary

Common terms found in your Podsights dashboard.

AOV Average Order Value. [Revenue / Purchases]
Attribution The number of household that visited the site after listening to an ad. This number can be a fraction if the household listened to multiple episodes or podcasts.

Customer Acquisition Cost. Cost to acquire a new customer. [Spend divided by Purchases]

CPL Cost per Lead. Cost to acquire one lead event. [Spend / Leads]
CPV Cost Per Visitor. Cost to acquire on visitor. [Spend / Visitors]
CR Conversion Rate. Percent of households that visited the pixeled website. [Visitors / Households Reached * 100]
Frequency Number of times a household was exposed to an ad. [Impressions / Households Reached]
Impressions Number of ad impressions, or downloads.
Installs Number of attributed mobile app installs.
Leads Number of attributed lead events.
Page Views Number of attributed website page views.
Purchases Number of attributed purchase events. Podsights gives partial attribution for purchases meaning if a user downloaded two episodes, each gets credit for half that purchase.
Households Reached Households Reached. Unique number of households that downloaded an episode.
Revenue Attributed revenue from purchase or lead events.
ROAS Return on Advertising Spend. This number will rise as the campaign runs. [Revenue / Spend]
Spend To Date

Cost per Thousand Impressions to date. [Impressions*Goal CPM / 1000].

Note: Spend To Date is calculated based on delivered Impressions & the planned/goal CPM that was entered in for each line item during campaign setup.

Visitors Households that visited the site Podsights looks at the conversion rates of non-noisy IPs, the number of users we exactly matched and other impression and pixel modeling to determine the total number of users that visited the site.