About Podsights Audience Intel

Audience Intelligence (Intel for short) gives you more insight into your podcast listeners using Nielsen and Experian household data. It's available to all Publishers. 

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We partnered with Nielsen and Experian, two trusted 3rd party data providers, to create Audience Intel. This new tool was built specifically to help publishers recognize their most loyal listeners and how to capitalize on those insights. Audience Intel is now available at no additional cost to Podsights for Publishers subscribers. What you need to know about Intel: 
  • Intel is an advanced visual breakdown of a podcast's audience, broken down by age, income, education, political party, purchase intent, buying behaviors, and more. 
  • See your Intel as a percentage ( the % of your podcast's audience that makes up each segment) OR an index (indices express the difference between your podcast's audience and the US general population) 
  • Demographic and behavioral data is via Experian and Nielsen 
How to activate Intel: 
  • Let us know! Reach out to sales@podsights.com and say that you'd like to activate Audience Intel. We'll get you set up, it requires no action from you! 

Show Requirements:

  • The show needs to have the RSS prefix installed
  • We require a minimum of 1K impressions over 30 days before the show will appear in your Discover tab

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