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Podsights Website Pixel

Podsights is a reporting and attribution platform for podcast advertising. To activate Podsights attribution measurement, an advertiser pixels their website (or app) to fit half of the attribution puzzle.

Podsights' on-site pixel is a piece of code (Javascript) that is installed on the brand's site. Our main pixel script captures page views and visitors. Installing this main pixel script is a mandatory step in our process. Ensuring proper installation of this piece of code is crucial. Without this piece of code, we will not be able to properly measure attribution. We recommend the main page view pixel script be installed site wide. If you cannot install it site wide, it needs to be placed on at least 3 pages.

After this pixel is placed, whenever a user visits the brand's webiste, we set a cookie and capture information like IP, User Agent, and event actions such as add to cart, purchase and lead if those additional events have been implemented. This information helps us tie these actions back to ad exposure. Additionally, we are sensitive to page loads, so our pixel does not block the page from loading.