1. Exports & Reporting

Reports and Exports

Download your report using an existing template, or make your own using our Reports tab.

Applies to: All account types

How to Step-by-Step

  1. Create a new report 
    1. Navigate to Reports > New Report 
    2. Select your report type
      • Campaign-level reports provide data for a single campaign 
      • Organization-level reports provide data for all campaigns within the specified time frame 
        • To note: 
        • Refer to the report glossary for report use cases
        • Date range is a required selection 
        • Preview is truly a preview 
        • You will see data relevant to the selected date range only. For example, if your date range is 7/1-7/10, you will see data only on media that was live during that time. 
        • The new report will automatically run, and will be saved for future use by you or anyone in your organization.

Note: Advertiser/Agency reports include website-related data (conversion events, value, etc). 

2. Customize your report
    1. Select columns to narrow down your report. Only select the field you need! This will make the report more readable and reduce the need for any additional filtering or pivot tables. 

3. Video Demos

Demo for Advertiser

Demo for Publisher

    • There is no data for the selected report type 
    • There is no data for the selected time frame 
    • The query is too large 
    • Your user permissions prevent you from downloading data 
    • A report may FAIL if one or more of the below are true: