1. Reports

How to Build and Customize your Reports

The Reports section of your dashboard allows you to build, export, and share reports that are most important to you.

How to create a new report

  1. Navigate to Reports > New Report 
  2. Select the Report Type from the dropdown menu
    1. Campaign report types provide data for a single campaign
    2. Organization report types provide data for all campaigns within the specified time frame 
  3. Fill in the Report Name and select the desired Date range (this is required), then click Create
  4. Clicking Create allows the new report to automatically run, and will be saved in the Reports tab for future use by you, or anyone in your organization.
How to customize your report
  1. When creating a report, select Columns to narrow down your report. Only select the field you need! This will make the report more readable and reduce the need for any additional filtering or pivot tables.
  2. Video Demos:
    1. Demo for Advertiser
    2. Demo for Publisher 

Types of Reports

Below is a list of all report types available through Podsights.  Report types available for Publishers vary from those available to Advertisers/Agencies.  

  • View report types for Publishers here
  • View report types for Advertisers and Agencies here

Campaign Overview

Ultimately all of the data you see within a campaign dashboard, plus even more, and at a granular level.

Campaign Placements

Provides a very broken-down report of podcast feed, episode, everything RSS-feed based.

Campaign Conversions

Contains unmodeled, detailed data available to you for all conversion events. Also includes optional fields like values related to leads, purchases, order ID, etc. Use it to understand more about the individual conversion events that occurred.

Campaign Impressions

Shows impressions delivery details, as tracked by Podsights, but has nothing to do with attribution. This report is a media-delivery report. Akin to a delivery report, as provided by Publishers.

Campaign Entrances

Use this report to know where unique users are referred from, and where they land on the brands website. Key fields include data regarding listeners who have triggered and been counted among the campaign conversions by visiting a pixeled page.

Locations Overview

Designed to give you data-backed idea of where the ad is being exposed. It should not be utilized for additive calculations of exact location-specific exposures.

Weekly Overview

An overall report of all campaigns running across all publishers for your brand during the date range specified by the week.

Daily Overview

Provides details regarding campaign and line item performance across all campaigns and publishers during the time-frame indicated in your filter by the day.

Organization Placements

Gives insight into when and where the ad is placed. This report is not always available. It will only show information that has been made available directly to Podsights.

Organizational Campaign Conversions

Provides raw, unmodeled data representing all conversions across the organization for the time period and actions selected in your filter.

Organization Interval Overlap

Use this report to see how much overlap your campaign(s) and individual line items have. These numbers are used to generate your overlap in the Insights Overlap report.

Benchmark Campaigns

Provides a summary of the campaign performance, similar to the data available in your campaign dashboard overview.

Benchmark Campaigns Detail

Breaks out the performance of your campaign(s), providing line-item detail as would be found in your campaign overview.