Server-Side GTM (ssGTM) Integration

Use the Podsights pixel within server-side Tag Manager.

Note: this document is for ssGTM only.  For standard GTM setup, refer to this article.

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For new clients without a current Podsights pixel:

Jump to Podsights Setup Steps below.

For existing clients with a Javascript Podsights pixel:

  • Contact to set up a temporary staging account with a staging pixel ID. 
    • This will enable us to isolate the ssGTM traffic and ensure that it is consistent with the previous Javascript setup. 
    • We encourage you to replace all instances of the JS pixel with the ssGTM tracking to ensure consistency.  Failure to do so may lead to a drop in CR.
  • Follow all Podsights Setup Steps below.
  • Before launch, swap out the staging pixel ID with your production pixel ID.  This is critical since it determines which organization + campaigns events can be attributed to.
  • After launch + verification, remove the Podsights JS pixel from all pages.
    • If the ssGTM pixel and the JS pixel both fire, we may count duplicate events which would artificially inflate CR.

Podsights Setup Steps:

Step 1

Construct your pixel URL:{pixel_id}&a={action}&uid={session_id}&alias={alias}

And populate the values:

  • pixel_id
    • Copy the numeric value found on Manage > Your Pixels
    • ex: key=123 
  • action
    • Defines the conversion event type: init (Page view), lead, or purchase
    • ex: a=init
  • session_id
    • A hashed session ID. This enables us to distinguish multiple events by the same visitor.
    • ex: uid=7375636365737340706f647369676874732e636f6d
  • alias
    • (Optional) Your internal user ID for matching across subdomains
    • ex: alias=abc 
Complete example:

Step 2

Pass through these headers:

  • X-Forwarded-For (Required)
  • UserAgent (Required)
  • Referer (Optional - to report on landing page URL)

Step 3

Send a screenshot/copy of your constructed pixel URLs to to verify that these are built out correctly.  Indicate which events you intend to track:

  • Page view
  • Lead
  • Purchase

Step 4

From the Podsights dashboard, go to Manage > Your Pixels > select Pixel ID. 

Use the graph to confirm that the raw event daily sum matches expected volume. 

When you hover on the graph, these events will be labled as Img Init, Img Lead, or Img Purchase to distinguish from Js pixel traffic.