1. Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Visitors and Installs?

Visitors = Households that visit the site or app. Installs = The number of devices within the household that installed your app.

Podsights user tracking system

Podsights uses advanced digital tracking. Most digital tracking is based on cookies, small identifiers saved on the user's web browser that is passed to a server on every request. Every time a user visits a site, a cookie is placed to identify that device. 

Podsights also looks at the number of users they matched with, and other impressions, pixel modeling to determine the total number of users that visited(visitors) the site or app(installs). This, in turn, allows Podsights to:

  • Generate potential leads through the understanding of individual user’s podcast interests
  • Gather data/customer Analytics


With that being said, why would there ever be more installs than visitors? Should one not be a visitor to install?

Why are there more installs than visitors?

Podsights tracks visitors via IP address, so 5 users using the same IP address would be considered as one household or one visitor. The 5 users will then proceed to install your app, and this will be marked as 5 installs. Depending on the amount of devices used to install the your app.

In practice, below displays 39,687 Visitors and 50,762.14 Installs. Meaning, there’s 39,687 Households that visited the Website/app, and 50,762.14 users/devices that installed the app. 

This could imply that there are multiple devices in a single household, .i.e. Ipad, Smartwatch, and Macbook.