1. About Podsights

Types of Campaigns

Podsights offers four different types of campaigns: Attribution, Marketing, Reporting, and Streaming. You can learn more about each type below.

Attribution - If you have a specific goal for your campaigns such as driving visitors to your site, increasing sales, generating leads, and more, then this is the campaign type for you. Attribution campaigns measure podcast download to on-site activity. It tracks the download the ad appeared in and the subsequent actions (site visit, purchase, lead, add to cart, etc) that are taken post-download.

Marketing - If you're looking to answer the question "Did my podcast media marketing efforts drive audience growth for my podcast?" then you'll want to choose this campaign type. Marketing campaigns measure from podcast download to the download of the target podcast (podcast being promoted). This type of campaign is generally used by podcast publishers/networks looking to promote their shows on other podcasts.  NOTE: marketing campaigns have been sunset as of 09/01/2022.

Reporting - If you just want an overview of how your podcast ads perform, this is it. Reporting campaigns keep it simple. They measure impressions, reach, frequency, and spend to date.\

Streaming - 
This type of campaign can track any digital audio campaigns you may have, including streaming music and online radio.