1. Exports & Reporting


Want to see your data in excel? Export campaign or organization-level data in your dash.

1. Export at the Campaign level.

Want an export of just the campaign you're working on? Use the export function in the campaign's dashboard. Views vary for Publishers and Advertisers for privacy purposes.

For Publishers:  Navigate to Campaigns > Select Campaign > Overview > ... > Export

  • Campaign overview: An overall view of the campaign’s performance, including the impressions and reach, attribution, purchases, and leads at the podcast / episode / day level. 
  • Campaign placements: An overview of all active placements for the campaign

For Advertisers and Agencies:  Navigate to Campaigns > Select Campaign > Overview > ... > Export


2. Export at the Organizational level 

For Publishers: Navigate to Manage > Exports > Campaign Detail Benchmark Export 

  • Campaign Benchmark Export: performance rolled up per campaign (like the summary section of your dashboard).
  • Campaign Detail Benchmark performance broken down to the line item level (like the line item grid on your dashboard). 

For Advertisers and Agencies: Navigate to Measure > Export