1. Frequently Asked Questions


As of April 2022, a backfill will be accepted only in extenuating circumstances. 

What is a backfill?

A backfill is the manual ingestion of media delivery data. Delivery data is required to populate the dashboard, calculate reach, frequency, and of course, attribution. To complete a backfill, each respective publisher must provide raw download logs in a specified format.  

Who can request a backfill? 

  • If an Advertiser or Agency want's to request, you should reach out to Publisher using this information to determine feasibility. 
  • If a Publisher can and will support a backfill (and has confirmed with their ad server or analytics team), please request a form from Podsights via success@podsights.com or in your  Podsights dashboard. 

Backfills will be rejected if:

  • Advertiser's website pixel was not installed 
  • The backfilled impressions are less than 500,000 impressions
  • The publisher rejects the request. Most publishers delete raw data after 30 days, and/or may not have access to it. 
  • Publisher installed tracking URLs late 
  • Campaign launched late 
  • Data is less than 60 days old.

What does it cost?

Podsights charges a fee of $850 per backfill up to 5 million impressions. Each case is unique and may require an additional statement of work.

How are you executing a backfill?

  1. Podsights requests raw logs from Publisher for specified date range. 
  2. If publisher approves the request, they may send Podsights logs which may be parsed and must be re-formatted. Some systems do not store data > 30 days old.
  3. If publisher approves the request, publisher may have to request logs from their ad server, which may be parsed and must be re-formatted. Some systems do not store data > 30 days old.
  4. Podsights uploads raw data into backend data processing systems. If the job fails, Podsights may have to begin the process again with the publisher. 
  5. Podsights manually re-runs attribution for the entire campaign (not just line item) on the specified date range.