What is the Insights Tab?

The Insights Tab is another way to view your campaigns' data all in one place. It allows you to view your performance data on an organization level -- across all campaigns instead of just one.

There are few important things to note about your Insights tab: 

  1. The data that populates here is dependent on the filters that you use. 
    1. You'll want to filter by the date range you are interested in reviewing
    2. You can then filter by Daily or Weekly data
    3.  Then by the campaign type
    4. Then you can either filter by Publisher or Campaign name. So if you would like to view the performance data overall you don't have to filter for these options. If there are certain campaigns you would like to review then you can go ahead and select the campaign name or the network. 

Your Performance data is broken out into three different views here: 

The top view is a bar graph where you can sift through each of your metrics on the right. The metrics that populate on the right-rail are dependent on the conversions that you are tracking. 

Under your bar graph, you will see an overview tile just like you see in your Campaigns tab. This overview tile will provide you with the data overall, depending on how you filtered it. 

Finally, if you scroll to the bottom you will see the data broken out by campaign and by the line items within the campaign. 

From here you can then sift through each tab at the top which mimics your campaign tabs but will show you your data on an organization level.