1. Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my conversions have decimal places?

Podsights has two reasons that the data may result in decimal places in your performance metric.

  1. First, Podsights uses a modeled approach to attribution. Modeling is a way for us to extrapolate the data of listeners who were exposed to the ad, but we were not able to confidently match the IP address to a household (i.e. noisy IP data). Our reporting is very conservative as we only perform attribution on IP addresses where we know we can get good data.

  2. Secondly, if we see the same household exposed to multiple episodes of a podcast and then convert on the website, we will give partial and equal credit to those episodes/shows that drove a conversion.

    1. For example, if a user heard 2 ad impressions from 2 different shows and visited the site once (1 pixel fire) - each show would get 0.5 visits.