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Why do there appear to be duplicates in the Conversions Export?

Below explains why there are duplicates throughout your Conversions report.

Conversions and impressions have a many to many relationship. Consider the following scenarios:

  • A person can download a single podcast ad and make 10 purchases on the website
  • A person can download 10 podcast ads and  make 1 purchase on the website
  • A person can download 10 podcast ads and make 10 purchases on the website

Because of this, the conversions export lists all activity related to a user and the conversions export includes details such as timestamp of the impression and timestamp of the conversion. Sometimes dynamic line items appear to have multiple dynamic ad insertions with the exact same timestamp. We capture all downloads from dynamic ad insertion even if it appears to be a duplicate. For embedded ads, we count downloads using the IAB v2.0 standards. We assign equal and partial attribution to all of the actions that a user performs, so you must use the attribution column to sum the number of conversions. If you would like to see the aggregate number of conversions by day the overview export may be more helpful.


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